We want to get you riding!

Even if it means putting you on the best bike that we can find!

How TapBike Works

Once you have downloaded the TapBike app and have set up your profile…

1. Locate

photo of finding a bike

Bike hub locations can be found on the website map at the bottom of this webpage or by searching the TapBike App map.

Tap the bike icon on the app map to reserve a bike for up to 15-minutes.

2. Select

photo of user unlocking bike with tapbike app

When at the bike hub location, select Unlock to open the Bluetooth unlocking screen. Enter the ID number of your desired bike into the box at the bottom of the screen. 

Remember to have your Bluetooth activated.

3. Ride

photo of riding bikes

Once your bike unlocks, untether the plug-in chain from the rack or anchor.
Buckle up your helmet and start riding!

4. Pause

Pause tapbike photo

To stop and take a break, use Pause Ride in the app.  You can lock-up you bike and come back to it during your rental period.

5. Return

photo of returning bikes

Return your bike back to the original bike hub location when finished. Tether your bike with the plug-in chain. Select End Ride to complete your rental period.


Daily, Monthly, Annual Passes can be purchased through the Offers screen of the TapBike App.


For however long you want to ride

  • 30 min billing cycle @ 2.50

Daily Pass

It's your bike for riding all day

  • 8 hour ride period

Monthly Pass

30 hours of free rides

  • 1 hour free per day

Annual Pass

360 hours of free rides

  • 1 hour free per day

TapBike Victoria

Map of Bike Share Locations


How does payment work for TapBike?

The renter enters money into the digital wallet after setting up a user profile on the app (credit card required). Payment is drawn from the wallet during the rental period.

How many bikes can I rent at one time?

Up to 4 bikes can be rented with one device. 

Are helmets included with the rental?

Yes helmets are included. For hotel locations, helmets are distributed from the front lobby desk. For locations without helmet distribution, the helmet will be bound to the bike.

What do I do with the chain tether after unlocking my bike?

The chain tether is most easily carried while riding by securing it to the bike.  Loop the chain through itself, then wrap it tightly around the seat post or basket, snugging the plug-in end into one of the loops (effectively tying it off).

Does the bike have to be tethered at all times.

The bike must be re-tethered to its home hub location when the rental period ends. Please remember to plug in the chain tether to the lock and select End Ride when securing the bike to the hub location.

What if my bike does not unlock?

Firstly, please check that your Bluetooth is enabled. If so, please close the app and try the process again. If you are connected to WIFI, disable your WIFI and try the process again.  If you are still unable to unlock, please send us a support message from your app. We will receive the message and quickly respond to you with a phone call.

Why do I have to return my bike to the same location?

We need to the bikes to be returned to their hubs to ensure that the bikes are located at predictable locations, which are convenient for users to access. We will be implementing a flexible drop off option in the near future.

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