Thank you for your support!

Effective March 22, 2020, we have closed our Victoria rental operation. Thank you to our riders for the support. We wish all well during this uncertain time.

If you would like to operate a bike share or rental operation in your township or city using TapBike's scalable platform, please visit:
or inquire at

How TapBike Works

Once you have downloaded the TapBike app and have set up your profile…

1. Locate

photo of finding a bike

Bike hub locations can be found on the website map at the bottom of this webpage or by searching the TapBike App map.

Tap the bike icon on the app map to reserve a bike for up to 15-minutes.

2. Select

photo of user unlocking bike with tapbike app

When at the bike hub location, select Unlock to open the Bluetooth unlocking screen. Enter the ID number of your desired bike into the box at the bottom of the screen. 

Remember to have your Bluetooth activated.

3. Ride

photo of riding bikes

Once your bike unlocks, untether the plug-in chain from the rack or anchor.
Buckle up your helmet and start riding!

4. Pause

Pause tapbike photo

To stop and take a break, use Pause Ride in the app.  You can lock-up you bike and come back to it during your rental period.

5. Return

photo of returning bikes

Return your bike back to the original bike hub location when finished. Tether your bike with the plug-in chain. Select End Ride to complete your rental period.

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