Residents and visitors of the Township of Chemainus will soon be able to travel around town or tour the “City of Murals” with TapBike’s high quality bike rentals. Two bike share hubs will be available at the end of July; one will be located at the Chamber of Commerce site and the other will be located at the Chemainus Best Western Hotel. A third bike share hub is being considered for early fall.

TapBike has technology that adapts to standard bikes converting them to “smart rental bikes”, controlled by the TapBike App. This allows for more flexible bike sharing programs, as a wider range of bike models can be used to suit the program’s needs, providing a gap solution for communities thought to not be suitable for standard bike sharing programs.

TapBike would like to thank the Chemainus Chamber of Commerce, Chemainus Best Western Plus Hotel, and District of North Cowichan for their support in setting up the community bike share program.


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