We provide the bike share solution, you provide the operation

 License the TapBike bike share solution so that you can get your program rolling quickly without the headaches of developing a system that works. Licensing includes the TapBike Bluetooth locking system and operator fleet management suite. You provide the bikes or we can provide for you through our distributor channel.

operate bike share program

Why License our bike sharing solution?

Bike share and rental programs are on a steady incline!


Operator’s risk is minimized with scaled licensing as pilot programs can be implemented with little capital. Programs can scale as the business grows.

TapBike’s solution is suitable for operators wishing to provide amenity style programs (hotels & real estate) or for operators who wish to provide programs for smaller to mid-sized communities, who are often not offered such programs.

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TapBike’s solution is suitable for existing traditional rental operators to use to automate and modernize rental fleets.