Bike sharing programs offer more than solely providing a “last mile solution” for transportation. As a healthy, sustainable activity, it can also create vibrant communities. This is why TapBike is suited to both traditional bike sharing programs and unique programs which require a creative approach to program delivery.

TapBike is a dockless bike sharing and automated bike rental platform that can adapt to a variety of bike models. This means that you can use a bike that works for your program! Our platform is also scalable, which means that in addition to traditional city programs, TapBike is suitable for university bike share, hotel bike share, residential bike share, and office based bike share.

TapBike provides our bike sharing solution to local operators through an Operator Licensing Program. Our licensed platform includes AXA Bluetooth wheel locks with “lock to” ability (meaning bikes can be secured to standard bike racks), which are programmed to be controlled by the TapBike App. Our platform also includes a dedicated bike fleet management suite, where operators can track bikes and maintenance, set up billing plans and promos, and report on ridership and revenue.

Looking for a full turn-key bike sharing solution? No problem! We can provide a full smart bike system, which includes a model of your choice through our distributor partnership with Brodie Bicycles.