TapBike believes that in addition to providing a sustainable “last mile” transportation solution, bike share programs can lead to the creation of vibrant communities by offering greater access to bicycle use for healthy recreation.

This is why we work with universities, hotels,  real estate developments, and smaller communities to fill in the gaps and provide a solution for unique bike share programs. TapBike operates locally on Vancouver Island in Canada, and offers tiered licensing of our bike share technology to other operators who wish to provide bike share in their community.

TapBike licensing includes our Bluetooth wheel locking system with “lock to” technology, which allows dockless bikes to be secured to standard bike parking racks or street furniture. Our licensing also includes a powerful fleet management suite that allows for operators to track bikes and maintenance, set up billing plans, and generate reports.

If you do not have a bike supply, no problem, through our bike distribution partnership with Brodie Bikes, we can provide a full turn-key solution which includes bikes that will work for your program.